Meet our Ponies


Molly is our Welsh Gypsy Cob. She stands at 12.3 hands. She has feathering around her feet which is common for her breed! Molly and Splash are field mates and love to play in the paddocks together. As our newest addition she is settling in well and runs pony rides with us on the farm.

Splish Splash

Splish Splash is our Gypsy Cob. She is 13hh and described as Black. She has beautiful white marks and very high feathers which are the hairy parts of her legs.

Bam Bam

Bam Bam is a Shetland pony, a breed that originates in the Shetland Isles. This breed ranges in size from 7 hands to 11 hands. Bam Bam is 8.2 hands which is 34.5 inches tall. They have very heavy coats, short legs and are considered quite intelligent. Bam Bam has retired from his riding days and now spends most his time grazing the fields but on special occasions he loves to dress up as a Reindeer or Pumpkin!


Cookie is a Welsh Section A pony and stands about 11.2 hands high. His breed is very popular choice with children for riding. Cookie has a very gentle temperament and loves to be ridden by our visitors at Blackberry Farm Park.

Cinders and Charm

Cinders and Charm are brother and sister. They are Welsh section As. They enjoy being in the fields together and also living next-door to each other in the yard.