White Shetland cross New Forest Pony


Bonnie is thought to be a Shetland cross New Forest pony and stands at 11.2 hands. She is a trusting and reliable pony who loves nothing more than being groomed and ridden by our visitors and Pony Club members.

Gypsy Cob Pony


Pedro is a Gypsy Cob and was rescued by Essex Police before coming to Blackberry Farm Park. He has a good temperament and loves to be groomed. Pedro and Bailey are the best of friends!

Shetland pony

Bam Bam

Bam Bam is a Shetland pony, a breed that originates in the Shetland Isles. This breed ranges in size from 7 hands to 11 hands. They have very heavy coats, short legs and are considered quite intelligent.


Cookie is a Welsh Section A pony and stands about 11.2 hands high. His breed is very popular choice with children for riding. Cookie has a very gentle temperament and loves to be ridden by our visitors at Blackberry Farm Park.