Meet our Animals

Get up close and personal in our Small Animal Barn with some of our smaller furry friends! At our daily Animal Handling sessions, children can cuddle a rabbit or guinea pig. Our tortoises are a little shy but can be handled upon request.

Animal Handling session times can be found on the board in the Small Animal Barn. 

Sometimes, due to the nature of the farm, activity times may be changed.

Take a stroll around Blackberry Farm Park and interact with our larger animals including Llamas, Alpacas, Highland Cattle and much more!

Animal Feed can be purchased from the Tuck Shop for just £1.50

Animals can be unpredictable… please do not feed our pigs by hand but use the chutes provided.

Please do not feed our ponies and donkeys as they have special dietary needs and may nibble your fingers!

Wooly the Sheep at Blackberry Farm Park