Blue Haze

Blue Haze hens are also known as Bluebell, BBF, French Grey or Blue Ranger. They have a variety of blue-grey colouring, from violet to dark steel grey. These chickens lay approximately 260-280 pretty brown eggs with a ‘plum blush’ tint per year.

Light Sussex

Light Sussex hens are very popular for back garden chicken keepers. They are hardy, friendly birds that can be tamed and are easy to handle. Light Sussex will lay approximately 260-280 beautiful pale brown eggs per year.

Rhode Rock

Rhode Rock hens are also known as Black Pot, Bovans Nera, Black Pearl or Miss Pepperpot. These very attractive hens have black plummage with gold markings on the neck and chest. They will lay 290-320 beautiful brown eggs per year.

Speckled Maran

Speckled Marans are very good-natured hens with a pretty dark grey plumage that is speckled with silvery white. They lay approximately 260-280 lovely speckled eggs per year.